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HOME OF INNERGY is a specialised retreat where you can unwind, recharge and find new clarity. 

The modern society asks a lot from you. More and more, we see people chasing themselves to keep up with the pace. They deny themselves the chance to come to their senses and they become passive objects of the current era. In the stream of this modern life one has to search for different energy and clearness, and for connection with who one essentially is, 
without rushing past oneself. 

Home of Innergy creates the optimal environment and circumstances that support you revitalising and find clarity. A lush oasis of tranquility where personal attention and decent nutrition form the foundation to make a step.  



For individuals and groups

 HOME OF INNERGY is there to support individuals and groups. Have a look at what we could mean for you individually, or discover how we can be of meaning for your group or team

Comfortable and stilish retreat

HOME OF INNERGY is situated in Castell de la Solana in Alcalalí, Spain. The comfortable country house has a bright, modern and warm decor with a Spanish touch and is equipped with all necessary conveniences. The many spaces and areas both inside and outside offer you possibilities to for instance casually sit down with a good book, to let your thoughts wander off, to have enlightening conversations, and to relax and recharge at the grand piano, pool table or mini cinema. 

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Strategic location

You can reach Home of Innergy easily. The retreat is located at an hour distance from the airports and train stations of Alicante and Valencia. Year round, there are numerous daily flights, especially from and to northern Europe. Rental cars and buses are priced very reasonably. 

The retreat finds itself surrounded by plenty opportunities for outside activity that add to the retreat’s purpose. The area offers a broad scala of options for hiking, biking, golfing, yoga and other sports. Also if you appreciate culture, photography, writing or painting, you will find yourself at the right place. 

Day trips? Within half an hour you find many interesting and pleasurable villages and cities, and beautiful coasts and idilic bays. Also worth mentioning: within some 3 hours, you’ll be on Ibiza or in the Parque de El Retiro in Madrid.  

   Our philosophy

We want to be connected to nature, with the frank freedom of a young child, either with others, or sometimes just solo. In connection with people, being able to talk about what resonates with and makes you as a person. And we aim at offering others the same by providing an environment disposed of stress and embedded in tranquility. We have created a special place for you. A safe harbour amidst the olive gardens, where you can find your feet, feel the space and get inspired

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Partida la Coma, 326
03728 Alcalalí, Alicante, Spanje
(38.7571949, -0.0327380)
+34 6 27 92 85 54
Home of Innergy is a brand of Castell de la Solana
Adres: Partida la Coma, 326
03728 Alcalalí, Alicante, Spanje
(38.7571949, -0.0327380)
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